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Target Audience is a go-to resource for inspirational personal style, travel journal, menswear, global street style, well-read culture vultures, foodies, grooming and independent style. The information will be periodically updated and refreshed automatically moving forward to ensure that it will provide you with current data.

Monthly Unique Visitors: 182,241 Visitors

Monthly Page views: 204,340 page views

Pages/Session: 1,25 pages

Organic Searches: 123,890 results

Gender: 97,9% Male – 2,1% Female

updated November 2016 source: Google Analytics

PR/Blog Trips/Reviews

My goal with is to create a wealthy and trustworthy source of information and inspiration for people interested in men’s fashion, men’s lifestyle and travel. If you think your company would be of interest to my audience and would like me to help promote it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and tell me all about it (email:

I work closely with:

  • High Fashion & high streets brands
  • Accommodation providers, restaurants, cafe’s and bars
  • Transport companies
  • Grooming, beauty and lifestyle brands
  • Fashion & Style related products
  • Travel-related products

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I offer banner ads in all shapes and sizes. Reductions are available for long-term ad placements.

Get in touch via email ( for more info.

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