I have to admit this, after five days in Tokyo, Bangkok is another experience. What are the 8 ultimate reasons to visit Bangkok? To be clear, it was my first visit to Bangkok, Thailand will be one of the highlights this year, on the place after seeing my family again and Tokyo. While in Bangkok, I stayed at new luxury and hyper-modern hotel just right behind the well-known Anantara Resorts which conveniently connected to this hotel with perfect roof-top infinity swimming pool. How did I found it? Just almost like any other traveller, I spend more than a week to browse Trivago, Hotels.com, Tripadvisor, Booking.com and much more to get that one perfect hotel for you.

8 ultimate reasons to visit bangkok

While writing this post, I am not that confident that I can write useful 8 ultimate reasons to visit Bangkok for my readers. But, here they are. In my opinion, there are 8 ultimate reasons why you should visit Bangkok if you have not. Keep in mind; this unique advice crafted by me, a first timer in Bangkok.

1. A good rest tailored for each unique individual

When it came to where I want to stay during my holiday, I am a very picky person. Every time I chose a hotel to stay, and it turned out that the reality just slightly different than the advertisement, it ruins my whole vacation. For example; at home, I slept with two different kinds of pillows. I am not a snob; it is a necessity because of medical reasons. I do not want to have neck pain on my vacations or allergic reaction. And in Thailand, because of this is such a big city and visited by tourists from every corner of the world, the options are broad. Bangkok is one of Asian city where you will find a hotel with a pillow menu for your personal tailored good rest.

2. Hotels with rooftop swimming pools

When travelling, swimming pool is an important feature of a hotel that helps me to make a decision, and nothing is better than a rooftop swimming pool with the city skyline as the view. And the price of the hotel room is still reasonable. So, what about checking out the Avani Riverside Hotel by Minor Hotels while planning your holiday in Bangkok.

8 ultimate reasons to visit bangkok

3. Malls Paradise

The third reason from this 8 ultimate reasons to visit Bangkok post is the fascinating amount of malls or shopping centres in this city. When shopping is your goals; Bangkok has everything. In fact, this town is the paradise of Malls. Shopping malls are everywhere. Bye bye to an overcrowded shopping centre.

4. Golden religious sites

While a perfect room and bed are comfy, the swimming pool is refreshing, and the shopping is unbelievable, one thing is missing. For the soul, I recommend you to visit as many as temples and religious sites in Bangkok. Even when you are not a believer, seeing this sacred sanctuaries will calm you down, slowing your Earthly pace of life, and it might touch your deepest thought. Not far from Bangkok, there is Ayutthaya. With its numerous ancient ruins and sacred temple, the ancient city of Ayutthaya is just within an hour by road from Bangkok. The Ayutthaya’s ancient city is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

5. Being gay and transgender seems easy on this side of the Earth.

As a gay, everywhere I go I always pay attention to the freedom of being gay in a particular city or country. It seems that Bangkok is one of Asian city where it is still easy to be gay or transgender. Everything is still mild; I did not see that many gay couples who are walking hand in hand maybe because of the culture. Thailand might be still the most tolerant country in Asia when it came to LGBT persons. Same-sex activities are legal in Thailand. A good reason to visit Bangkok as an LGBT person. Indonesia in contrary, sadly enough comparing to 15 years ago, freedom for LGBT individuals is in danger.

6. The Venice of The East

I have not been to Venice before, but I live in Amsterdam with its famous beautiful canals. Bangkok is often called as The Venice of the East because Bangkok owns its beautiful canals or local name as Khlong. These Khlong spread out throughout the city of Bangkok along the Chao Phraya River. The canals in Bangkok have become a big part of the city’s culture. Like in Venice or Amsterdam, along with the canals, you will find several interesting spots.

7. The Street Foods

Some of the best Asian kitchen and delicacies originated from Thailand.  Where will be the best place to taste original flavours than on the streets or places where locals are going to have their meals? Please do it with precaution. I only eat a fresh and well-cooked meal, no ice cubes and before go on vacation, I always go to my GP to get some vaccines related to travel destination. Another safe way to do this is to go to the food court in the mall.

8. Beaches within reach

If I stayed longer in Bangkok, I will for sure go out and visit the beautiful beaches not far away from Bangkok. I am not talking about Pattaya. Take Hua Hin, for example, a resort town, white beaches and luxury hotels. This place is a preferred retreat for members of Thai royalty. Then there is Koh Samet, a small island 124 miles south-east of Bangkok with fewer storms during the rainy season. The last one but not the least, Pranburi. Pranburi is a up-and-coming destination that is surrounded by national parks. You’ll get to enjoy unspoilt beaches and fewer crowds here.

And there are more interesting and historical places to visit such as this Buddha’s Tempel in a cave near Kanchanaburi and the historical Bridge on the River Kwai, a sad footprint in our history.

8 reasons to visit bangkok

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