The currency inconsistencies, the inflation of essential goods and the price of a local property are held in consideration while producing the list. So which expensive city do you wish to live in Asia? Alternatively, maybe in Africa? Here are the five expensive cities to live in Asia & Africa.

When you think that living in Europe is extremely expensive and the rest of the World can be cheaper, you are completely wrong. In fact, some cities in Asia and Africa also manage to take some places in 19 expensive cities to live in the World.

5. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is one of the towns on my bucket list to visit. A booming Asian city which is also a young pop culture and tech hub in Asia.


Image I shoot in Shibuya crossing, Tokyo – 2016.

4. Tokyo, Japan

I have been there, and oh, I want to live in this city. Japan, in general, is always an expensive country to visit, just buy less and travel more, I suggest.

3. Hong Kong, Special Region of China

Hong Kong is still on my bucket list. I have been there for transit, but that does not count. I must visit it again. Due to high and booming population, Hong Kong’s residence prices are rising and so the local living costs.

2. Luanda, Angola

Luanda in Angola is Africa’s most expensive city to live. Luanda lies on the continent’s west coast and has 6 million residents. I must say, as a member of LGBT community, visiting Luanda is not my priority since same-sex activities are still illegal, but changes are noticed, and there is some improvement here and there.  And there are no records of LGBT people being explicitly targeted for harassment in Angola by police or vigilante groups.


Image I photographed from a cable car in Sentosa Island, Singapore  2016

1. Singapore, Singapore

I lived in Singapore for three months. It was 15 years ago or maybe more. I enjoyed it, but it was expensive. That is also why I move back to Indonesia. The other reason was I could not find the right University to study. This small island city-state retained its title as the world’s most expensive city for the third year in a row. According to the EIU, Singapore offers some relative value for things like general groceries.

From above five mentioned cities, I think my choice will be between Tokyo and Singapore. But Tokyo will be on the top of the list for me, Singapore is just too small, but maybe Seoul is a good option too. I just need to visit it first to try. This summer maybe?

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