What make you smile?

How were your days in this new year so far? It is never too late to look back and thinking about what is important to you and how to bring your life back in balance while life seems to have so many turbulences? In this post, I want to share with you few things that make me smile in 2016 and before that. Some might sound very simple and basic but believe me. Usually, those little things are the most important in life. Before we go to the things that make me smile in 2016, please take the time to get a cup of coffee and think about what make you smile in 2016.

What made me smile?

It is not only the past and hopefully, will stay for longer time. What caused me smile in 2016? Moreover, still, make me laugh every time thinking back and having it in my mind?

My family

2016 is the year where I had the chance to see my family in Indonesia after three years. Of course, we almost never lost any contact at all. Thanks to Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp and the Internet, it is quite easy to dial and talk to someone miles away from you. I laughed and smiled a lot while having a Facebook video chat with my sister and her children or just a WhatsApp call with my father. However, nothing beat the feeling to be able to see them again, spending time in a Mall, visited tourist spots in Yogyakarta or booked a long table in a restaurant to spend the night with food, drinks and talk about A to Z and everything. I cherish the moments.

My husband

Yes, my husband makes me smile. I know, this sounds so cheesy and cliche, but he is one person that can make me laugh in my lowest state of minds. He is such a joker. Bless him.

what make you smile

Year full of wanderlust

Last year was the year when I travelled quite an amount of miles. It started with Stockholm, beautiful city. A Spring trip to remember for sure, a relationship’s milestone with the guy, my Husband.
Then summer vacation I had been waiting. Not only a holiday but also mean short of back home, seeing family. Not only ‘coming back’, but it was also an exciting trip between cities. Starting with Tokyo, and then continued to Bangkok, Bali, then Yogyakarta and last but not least, Singapore. Many flying, seven flights correctly, which one thing that for sure out of my comfort zone. Flying, majestic thing to do, scary thoughts. However, I cannot stop wanting it again and again. Thinking back to this time made me smile again.

what make you smile

Our (soon to be) new kitchen

In 2016, before we travelled around Asia, we have decided to do a small renovation to our apartment. Started with planning a new kitchen and ended with a bigger plan. The process of research and buying new kitchen which is stressful but fun makes me smile every time I think about it. Especially when now we know that we will get a kick-ass black modern kitchen in our living room. Believe it or not, we are practically living in a sort of building site, dust everywhere, and since couple days ago, we have no kitchen and one book cabinets less after donating those items. Also, yes you can donate your old kitchen instead of throwing it away. Just another way how to recycle and being involved locally. I just can say, thinking about the soon to come new kitchen, I often have a strange smirk on my face.


Max, my labrador dog

Another cliche for people that never have a dog as a pet or no pets at all, my dog which obviously cannot speak or humanly communicate with me never fails to make me smile. Call me a crazy dog guy but really, even when my dog just laying there on its doggy bed and looking at me, often make me smile. Another thing my dog Max love to do it walked few steps from another room and just before entering the living room, he slides. Yes slides, and laying flat on his tummy with all four legs wide spreads.

The time I write this post, I realise that often are those small things that can make us smile for a longer time. Those moments with family or loved ones, the small actions and the incredible first contact with new places. Its is often not the items we bought or get from someone. The relationships, the intentions, personal connection and special moments are precious. Cherish the small things.

So what made you smile and what still make your heart smile?

what make me smile

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