Workwear is diverse for everyone. Build your work outfits and wardrobe with these five rules:

1. Breathable shirts

If you love to wear shirts and it is kind of mandatory to wear this garment to your workspace, then natural cotton and other breathable materials/fabrics are the best choices. There is no questioning for the necessity of good shirts for an office day. The rule will be applied for another type of garments when you work in a younger and trendier environment. The breathable shirts will be a well-tailored and body fitted t-shirt or polo shirt made of natural cotton.

2. Upgraded casualwear

The second rule of the 5 rules for workwear to follow will be about the luxurious sweatshirts which are often worn as an extra layer as a workwear. Luxurious and designer sweaters are the perfect replacement for the ‘too formal’ jacket or blazer. These sweatshirts are where comfort meets office-ready wear.



3. Dressed-up denim

Try comfy denim with dark washes for 9-5 day. The best way is to wear it with slim-fit shirts and well-tailored jacket. Leave the favourite distressed denim at home for the weekend. Denim bottoms for 7 days a week is not the key.

4. Comfort shoes

Bye, bye blisters and tired feet. Classic brogues are the best. However, if it is suitable, wearing suits with a clean leather sneakers or designer sneakers is/was the hype. However, some people might need steady a strong boots to protect the feet.


5. Investment jackets

Opt on jackets or suits made of indulgence materials such as cashmere or pure wool blends. You can wear a cheap ass denim with your perfect fit but invest more in the jacket. Luxurious fabrics and timeless patterns will be the rules.

So those are 5 workwear rules to follow. As a rebel will say, rules are there to be broken. Be creative and stay true to your inner style DNA.


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