Since the quantity is not the primary role in building an ultimate wardrobe, re-thinking your capsule wardrobe items is inevitable. The first rule to restart your wardrobe is going for quality, and the next rule is versatility. Finding clothing items that will be easy to match with everything you already have and that will last forever. Forget the trend. When doing it right, combining the essential wardrobe items into a bad outfit is nearly impossible, unless you get your size and fit wrong. It is never too late to re-start the wardrobe.

restart your wardrobe

But what will help you restart your wardrobe? Which clothing items, will be the best choice as the first line to restart your wardrobe from here?

1. Solid white T-shirt and shirt.

Both solid white t-shirt and shirt are wardrobe staples. Not because of the clean and crisp feels about this colour but because of these items are versatile. You can wear it with everything.

2. Dark blue jeans

Why? Denim trouser with more coloured washing will make you look more dressed and slick. Who want denim with too complicated washing anyway. Selvedge denim is the boss.

restart your wardrobe

3. Camel chinos

So normal but yet so versatile. You can wear the camel coloured chinos for any occasions with almost everything. Even your girlfriend’s oversized leather biker jacket.

4. A crew neck sweater

Feeling Scandinavian and tidy in the crew neck sweater on Saturday morning will beat the needs of coffee one day. But it will be a long, difficult battle. But hey a cup of coffee in hand and Acne Studios sweater encapsulated your body is a recipe for a good selfie.

5. A killer jacket (it can be a part of suit)

Consider buying a well-fitted blazer and trousers that you can wear for both semi-formal and casual occasions instead of a dressed up suit.

6. Brown leather shoes

Brown leather shoes which will blend you directly to the professionals when you are commute in rush hours. Essential shoes to have but still, I am still can’t understand why I saw 99% of people in the business district choose to wear brown shoes. A Bro’ code, maybe?

restart your wardrobe

7. Fashion sporty sneakers

Forget the over-shared sneakers, a high-streets brand everyone wear and share on the Instagram or elsewhere. Wait for a while and build your gold to purchase the high-end sneakers which will make everyone turn their head while you are walking down the streets. Believe me; it happens to me every time.

8. Grown-up coat

Burn your nylon long coat and shop for wool, cashmere body-fit long coat. You will feel much better afterwards.

9. Last but not least

Go all black and reshape your silhouette. But how? Well, just as I am showing you here in my outfit/ look of the day post! Go for all black and play with shapes. I chose to wear cropped black trousers and long sleeveless vest. Ready to sense yourself into the more avant-garde style? Yes for sure. People might think that I am working at a famous contemporary museum in a big metropolitan. Or just a fashionista wannabe. But who cares?

restart your wardrobe

I am wearing:

All Saints wool cropped wide trousers
H&M linen black long sleeves shirt
The Prairie Matthew Ames sleeveless coated vest with waist belt
Adidas x Rick Owens sneakers in black

restart your wardrobe

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