6042890128_d0a9e66107_b When the Summer didn't come NEW IN

6042890638_db845f1fe4_b When the Summer didn't come NEW IN

6042890316_548f22e960_b When the Summer didn't come NEW IN

What to do in a rainy and gloomy days? Of course shopping 🙂 Thanks to hubby that drove the car to The Hague where some fashion stores haven’t touch Amsterdam yet. But how come? This is Amsterdam. Everything must be here… But well we will get it soon.

I am talking about COS and Massimo Dutti. Nope I bought nothing from Massimo Dutti, not yet.  But well, I got this three lovely items from COS. Love this store!
A knitted jumper, genuine leather bracelet in matching colours as the jumper and knitted scarf. But that scarf isn’t for me. That’s for hubby 🙂 For sure I am going to borrow it from him. Such a handy and item without size limitations. But since Oversized outfit still in the play… Maybe I am going to steal his white shirt.

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