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I wore purple and it is a leopard prints. Am I not up to date? I heard that animal prints are replaced by baroque style, preferably in gold. But hey, we’re not talking about extinction of a style. For me Animal Prints is not only a trend or hype to be blown up in a season, and then forgotten. The animals get themselves to a new level. Animal prints are the new wardrobe staples. Basic (not quite), but yet a must have in your wardrobe. We will never be too animalistic. Just accessorized your look with some animals (don’t translate it as “let’s hunt some tiger to get a new tiger prints shoes and bag). Keep it animal friendly, please.

I can’t sleep, yet. There are still too many unfinished thought from today’s conversations. I keep processing it, so I decided to write. Started another process to deal with another process… *i confused*

About the day, I had a great shopping – coffee date with Nadja (last monday) and asked her to snapped my sweaty outfit on a warm day. And what did I do in a warm day? Jumped around, posed around even tried to stand on my toes (got an adhd attack) *poor Nadja* and of course Big Thank You for the pictures. I am in shocked; I didn’t know that my body could get into that position (maybe I should call Lady Gaga to include me as her background dancer). I think I started to write some silly text… It’s time to say, “Good night, pretty people!”

Lanvin for H&M leopard print tee, Marni at H&M short, Puma running sneakers, Balenciaga sunglasses

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