It is a public secret that one of male blogger I am stalking on the net is Duck. Terrifyingly in daily base. Today, he posted about this fun identifying ‘tablet’ to find the fashion blogger in the crowd. You can find this in here and here. Of course on Duck’s blog too.

Exhibit A and exhibit B. Surprised when I tried to define myself using this guide tablet, I am neither exhibit A, nor B completely. Am I not a fashion blogger? Those flowers in the background are just in the right amount to calm me down before entering a new identity crisis. Thank you, Duck for adding it.

Thinking hardly without thinking too much, I think I am an Exhibit B, infected by A. No! I am definitely A with a bit of B in blood. I give up. Let just do it for a bit of fun then…

Defining in words might be easier for us, so using the holy tablet above, I define myself;

  • I never been to NYFW or LFW. You will not find me in every fashion week’s venues. Not even for champagne.
    – Not camera ready most of the time, but yet trying to look good for me and for the sake of other people eyes.
    – I do not have always the last trendy piece of the season, I am a SALE hunter.
    – I do have that Christopher Kane gel clutch, two pieces.
    – Using iPhone and Instagram too.
    – No Acne boots in wardrobe but their sweatshirts.
    – Never been invited to Yohji, Comme, Margiela but visited Givenchy last season (didn’t get in, I was late).
    – I avoid to use designer’s name or collections. I still need to read those fashion bibles.
    – No $500 Raf’s but Tisci’s.
    – Detest materialism? I try not to judge.
    – And yes, my first Margiela piece was from MMM x H&M

There you go, and now which one are you?