Paris 2012 before Rick Owens.

History of street style photography:


Professional cartoonist and amateur photographer Edward Linley Sambourne begins capturing stylish women on the streets of London, often without his subjects knowing he’s doing so. If the internet existed at that time, he probably could have made a career out of his after-hours hobby.

take-ivy.0 Paris 2012 before Rick Owens STREET STYLE


Take Ivy, a Japanese book exploring Ivy League style, is published. Worshiped by GQ editors and menswear enthusiasts for decades, resold first-edition copies reached four figures until it finally went back into print in 2010.


Bill Cunningham receives his first camera, which he uses to document fashion on the streets of New York City, first for the Chicago Tribune. He later becomes a bona fide street style legend thanks to his New York Times column “On The Street.”


Village Voice photographer Amy Arbus wanders around the Lower East Side and St. Mark’s, taking pictures of anyone that catches her eye. This means tattoos, big hair, animal prints, and Madonna. She keeps it up for ten years, eventually turning her photos into a book and a documentary.

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lank Paris 2012 before Rick Owens STREET STYLE