Doing what a tourist do during a city visit is one of the main agenda we noted at home in Amsterdam. Inhaling as much as the ancient city with its ancient architectures and not to forget the ancient dusts.

The second day, woke up in a sauna like room.

Paused my writing for a while to take a look at an article about the same Prada coat during the Great Gatsby premier. Anna Wintour turned out in the same Prada coat as Marc Jacobs for the event. Who wore it better? Who cares? It means to me that this Prada coat is to love. To find out who dare to say that this Prada coat is awful after the two Fashion Icons wore it will be more interesting. This coat is to die for, is it sold out everywhere already?

The second day in Rome is a national vacation for ‘everyone’. Of course not, some places are open and most of the people are still working. Thanks to the hard-working people at The Colosseum/Colosseo who are working as fast as they can to get as much as people in the ancient site just before they close it earlier than normal. Believe me there were a lot of frustrated tourists just because of most of the ‘must visit places’ in the city are closed.

We were inside in no time (1 hour in line) just because we refused to pay much more to get ‘skip the line’ tickets. I am still not sure if that even legal. Those words are still buzzing in my brains just because I heard it everyday.

But now get ready for the flight back. I am missing my puppy Maximo already. You can find more pictures of my trips on my Instagram.

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