Hermès Festival des Métiers

To make a Hermès watch you need a cork. A cork knob on which to rest your face while you tweak the toggles. This much we have gathered from the below pictures. There is also a gold spike on the end of a wooden stick. Hermès does a very pretty watch with gold spikes As for the rest of the watch, the actual putting together of the watch, the adding of numbers and hands to the face, the wiring up of a battery, well if like me you are blessed with a vivid imagination, you could simply draw a watch, write Hermes across it and pretend. People may laugh, but they will also be jealous that you own a Hermès watch, even though it’s only a paper one, and they do not. If only others were blessed with the same imagination and determination as you they too could be proudly flashing their wrist whilst strutting down Bond Street. If however, you would like to find out how to make a real life, working Hermes watch, one that tells the time, well now you can. At the Saatchi Gallery from May 21st. I don’t know if they will be making an actual watch from scratch, but there will be watches, and I like to think that making a bag handle is like making a watch strap. Really, how different could it be?

Hermès: Festival des Métiers. A rendezvous with the Hermès craftspeople.

Saatchi Gallery. London, SW3

21st- 27th May, 2013


by Natalie Dembinska

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