Are you in Las Vegas now? I wish I was there.

Dutch proud. One of the Five Rising Stars. Bibi van der Velden is showing her collections including her two new collections „Rock Crystal” and „Art Deco” during the JCK Las Vegas in the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas. Two items above are from her previous collection „Polky Diamond. She is one of the five rising stars because of her innovation is material used and design.

I hope I can show you her new collections here as soon as I got the pictures.

About the pictures:

From the Polky Diamond collection, the Rock ring in sterling silver is dotted with polky and brown diamonds, inspired by Superman’s Kryptonite. To keep pricing reasonable, the base of each piece is made of oxidized silver, leaving only the accents made of 18ct gold, pavé set diamonds, polky diamonds and precious stones.

Rhodinated sterling silver earrings are made of sterling silver and set with pavé brown diamonds. The Polky Diamond collection is made as a solution to the ever rising gold prices. To keep pricing reasonable, the base of each piece is made of oxidized silver, leaving only the accents in 18k gold, pavé set diamonds, Polky diamonds, and precious stones.

A flying bird is crafted in this sterling silver ring, pavé-set with brown and Polky diamonds.

Company profile:

Bibi van der Velden founded her company Wearable Works of Art in 2006 during Amsterdam Fashion Week. Orginally a sculptor she sees jewelry as small pieces of art. At the moment her pieces are sold in high-end stores throughout (mainly) Europe. Bibi’s collection holds several different lines: the mammoth collection is made out of 40000 year old woolly mammoth tusk and are inlaid with 18 ct gold and precious stones. The Polky diamond collection is a collection with a base of oxidized silver, its details in 18 ct gold, various diamonds and precious stones. The Cloud collection is made as an inpiration to the sky, the cloud shaped pieces are made out of 18ct gold and precious stones.

Contact Information

Maarten Jansz Kosterstraat 18
Amsterdam1017 VZ

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