The autumn season is always a good time to do a thorough wardrobe update, simply because there’s more variety and detail in cold weather fashion. Sure, the spring and summer are full of specific trends and styles – but things tend to be light, minimalist and playful, as opposed to the heavier, more pensive styles of the cooler seasons. So in the spirit of keeping up with these styles, here are 10 men’s fashion trends to be aware of this autumn and winter.

1. Black Leather
It’s fairly regular for the winter and autumn seasons, but noteworthy nonetheless, as we’ve seen black leather from virtually every top designer debuting a seasonal collection. From shoes and bags, to pants and jackets, black leather is a safe choice.

2. Leather Band Watches
This is always more of a personal option than a trend, but leather watch bands seem to be more and more prevalent. If nothing else, it’s nice to at least have the option. I’d recommend checking out brands like Citizen and Bulova for affordable, yet very classy options.

3. Serious Scarves
Just about everywhere you look for autumn fashion this season, you’ll find mention of bold, loud, statement scarves. Indeed, from bold colours, to scarves as large as blankets, men are getting bolder with this classic cold weather accessory.

4. Plaid
Like black leather, plaid is a common trend that seems more prevalent than usual this season. Again, you can make use of this trend in anything from the smallest accessories to an everyday coat.

5. Blue Blazers & Suits
These suits and jackets can look spectacular in the heavier autumn fabrics. I’d personally recommend the blue wool suit featured in the Saville Row-inspired collection currently at Marks and Spencer. It’s a very stylish and very affordable choice.

6. Double Buckle Shoes
These are very trendy options for both casual wear and to pair with a suit. Askmen.com notes a particularly appealing pair from Johnston & Murphy, and recommends taking advantage of the trend with dark brown leather.

7. Camo
We saw a great deal of camo this past summer, and there’s no sign of it going away. Consider at least one pair of camp pants to round out your autumn wardrobe. Camouflage prints are here to stay. Investment piece!

8. Chino Pants
Often recommended as an alternative to basic jeans, chinos seem to be more popular every month. It’s a great way to change up your fabrics, and give you a lighter option to diversify your autumn and winter outfit selections.

9. Backpacks
It’s always tricky for men to find the right style of day bag, but this season the casual backpack option seems to be in style. Oddly enough, you can actually find some convenient, stylish options in the Apple store’s bag selection. I love this one from Alexander Wang.

10. Maroon
Finally, there’s the maroon trend that seems to be popping up everywhere. If there’s one colour defining autumn fashion for men, it’s maroon.


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