Did you remember about those expectation/reality pictures memes on the internet, everywhere?
Lets admit it, this well styled editorial pictures are those I might categorized as “Expectation”, my expectation when I went to my higher school a.k.a university. I wish that those well dressed, stylish, clean cut, handsome lads lined up graciously everywhere.
It is not. Believe me! Or I might chose the wrong university. Anyhow, well super done to Tom van Dorpe with the styling. And Holli, you may do my hair anytime!
Models Abel van Oeveren, Janis Ancens, Louis Steyaert and Duncan Proctor are photographed by Sharif Hamza and styled by Tom Van Dorpe in the story ‘Higher Learning’ for the latest issue no. 31 of VMAN magazine; with hair by Holli Smith and grooming by Benjamin Puckey.

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