Name: Allan Vos
Profession: Menswear designer at Allan Vos
Location: The hague (for now)

“Never grow up and keep on dreaming” – JM Barrie


What are you wearing now?

Just a denim, Allan Vos t-shirt with rhinestones for sure and the new Allan Vos x Invito sneakers.

Congratulation with your latest collaboration with Invito. Who is next?

Haha I am working on two projects right now, but I am always nervous until the final product. When the result makes me happy, then finally I will be brave enough to tell about it. You never know what happens!

We enjoyed your last collection, are you working on your new collection already?

I am working on two collections right now; an affordable collections for the stockists and a complete new collection (Collection #5) that I will show during a fashion show again. Sports is the word for the next collection.

If you are only allowed to use 3 words to describe your brand’s DNA, which words will you use?

Sporty – Sexy – Shiny

We are all have those lazy day sometimes, what will you wear on your lazy day?

I love my own sport pants or jogging pants as they are called. The cold and rainy season is here, as designer please recommend us your must-have raincoat. I prefer to wear (black) leather jackets when it rains.

Coffee or tea?

I drink both. In a cup! Tea for me can be only hot water and some honey, an coffee; only lette or cappuccino.

London or Paris?

Paris for her fantastic style and fabric-stores.

What was the last book did you read?

Odessa Star by Herman Koch.

Last but not least, what is next for you professionally?

A trip to Taiwan in a week time. I will stay there for 6 weeks for production of the collection. I want it to be good and safe (no bad factories with children and all that..) so that is why I go there myself.


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Profile photo – Mgr Madhatter

Lookbook pictures in hotel – Salvador Pozo

Lookbook pictures in grotto – Rayzor Sharp

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