I know as a blogger one difficult thing to do and all we want is to hold our readers, our visitors. We want to keep our audience to stay and read more, to visit the next page and the other next page. Your next goal is to keep your readers coming back to your blog. After blogging for more than two years, retaining my readers is still an adventure full of trial and errors. Educating your self through high-ranking websites is a must.

Until now, I use six simple steps to hold my readers, and this is an ongoing quest.


With so many bloggers in the making now, posting contents regularly is becoming important. I know that for some of us, blogging is not our day job. You might still have other work and maybe school. I find that four posts a week will be great but if can’t three posts are the bottom line. I think and still think that blogging is a commitment, these tools might help you. I am working on a new research on other tools for now. Do you have experiences with some websites or tools you are using? I love to hear about it, please share!


Blog is personal, closer than, lets say Vogue Hommes or Fantastic Man. Personal contact is still required. For example is real contact with your community through your social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you add comment system on your blog, I think it will be good to communicate by answering the comments. What I mean here is comments with high quality and interesting content. Why only those comments are important to answer?


Why are most bloggers only posting their outfit of the day posts? If you are a fashion blogger, of course it is important. But never forget, you are more than your outfits. There are many things to share that related to fashion and style for you blog. This is very important to think about “Be sure to put research into your posts!”. This might be handy to know. Before you working your fingers on that keyboard, gather your thoughts, data, anecdotes, and links on first hand.


People are genuinely interested in social media and of course about you! They are eager to find out more about you when they are hooked. Your post with compelling content is important, but promoting it is to keep it alive. I use different social channels to promote my posts some of them are automatically shares and others I decide to do it manually. For my Facebook and Instagram promo about a post, I choose to tailored it even though it is possible to use auto-share from WordPress.


It is important to stand out from other bloggers who fill your niche. How do you do this? Most of bloggers try to be different by adding everyday outfit posts. If most of blogger posting their outfit of the day post, is it being different? I understand that you put on your outfit specially for this post and it might be a unique style. But you forget one thing, it is still a ‘outfit of the day post’. What about focusing on creating and write something new? Totally new subject you never write before, about arts or blogging. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not asking you to give up your outfit of the day posts, just try new things.

Good idea to share: If you like to dine-out, make that awesome picture in your ‘just discovered’ restaurant with you in it. Talk about the foods and showcase your dining-outfit.


It is very easy to have your popular post on your left or right banner. Most WordPress theme have easy add-on popular posts or related post widgets. I add my popular posts next on the right banner on my landing page. Beside that I also showcase related post at the end of every post.


Yes! Try to get as many as e-mails from your readers. There are many free newsletter services you can use to encourage your readers to subscribe and get updates on their e-mails. It takes some time to build the audience but it is worth it! For my blog, I use Newsletter application called Ubivox.

Please remember this, never add e-mails addresses from your contacts by your self. I got many newsletters I never subscribe and it is irritating me. So what I do is just marked those as Spam, when that’s happened too many times your e-mail/site as a ‘bad’ e-mail address or site. For example, when someone clicks “Spam” on your email at an ISP like AOL, it’s a black mark against you as a sender. It’s also a black mark against the IP address you’re sending from too.

The Ubivox newsletter application I use required everyone to click the confirmation links in the e-mail they got after subscribe to my newsletter. So it will guarantee that my newsletters are not going to the junk mail box or bounced back to me.

Here are some ideas for you: I just discover Uberflip and still try to work with it. And then you can use Bounce Exchange or OptinMonster to collect the emails. Just make sure you sign up for an email provider like Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, or Maropost. Get a try!

So, there are some simple ways to hold your readers on your blog. I hope you enjoy and like this post. As I said, keep educating your self and that’s why I would love to hear your ideas and tips on this matter.

My question will be “How and what do you do to retain your readers on your blog?”


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