Lets admit it, to wear jewelry in a good way must started with a well put-up outfits. I love wear black (nothing new for some of you). For example an oversized cotton jersey t-shirt from Rick Owens which you can wear it with Rick Owens shorts and sneakers, Alexander McQueen shirt. All you need is an Maison Margiela ring as jewelry to finish your look. One thing is for sure that men’s jewelry is on the rise.

Jewelry is Not Just For Women Anymore

Young adventurers like to imagine that they have a small chest full of treasures and that they are pirates. However, once they grow up they realize that such hidden treasures don’t exist and the only real chest full of valuable items that they will come across is their mom or grand mother’s box where she keeps her jewelry. For men to wear jewelry has been seen as kind of strange. However, the relationship between men and jewelry exist way back in the history. When you consider the fact that earrings are not the only jewelry available it might seem more reasonable. Leather bracelets for example this Lanvin leather and burnished Metal Bracelet or silver chain bracelets, necklaces both from gold or silver metal, watches, and rings are worn by both men and women and that is considered to be quite normal. Still, if you want to look good with them you have to know how to wear men’s jewelry. Here we will take a look at some of the things that you should do and some of the things you shouldn’t do when wearing men’s jewelry.

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What to do?

When you want to learn how to wear men’s jewelry, one of the first lessons to remember is to try mix and match your accessories. For instance, if you have just bought yourself a brand new Mondaine Evo Big Date stainless steel watch from Mr.Porter, why not throw in a low-end bracelet such as this FEFÈ stone bead bracelet or this ALEXANDER MCQUEEN woven skull bracelet to make it even better. Depending on what kind of watch you are wearing, it might be a different type of bracelet that will match it, however, one thing to remember is that you should only wear them if they look good together and complete one another. Imagine wearing a golden watch with a bracelet you got from your vacation in Hawaii, it just doesn’t seem right, does it? Keep this in mind next time you are combining, it might be of help.

Consider wearing a pinky ring. Keep in mind that this type of jewelry is not for everyone, but if you choose to wear it with a bunch of other more masculine accessories, nice looking pair of jeans, denim shirts, and proper boots, you will end up looking like someone out of a commercial for body spray rather than a person who is auditioning for a new movie about men coming out.

A good idea might be to make your watch be your anchor. You can wear your watch with an Aspesi shirt, Nudie Jeans jacket, Levi’s 501 CT jeans and Mark McNairy shoes.The watch gives you the perfect opportunity to make heads turn with just a small shake of your wrist. If you are thinking of making an investment into the world of men’s jewelry, consider getting a good watch above something else. If you never wear jewelry, you can find various types of jewelry and prices on Asos. Buying low-priced jewelry is a good step when you are not sure if you will wear it for longer time.

Finally, don’t be afraid to give a go to the necklace. Many would agree that this style was brought to light mainly because of Ryan Gosling and his cool necklace worn over T-shirt. This shark tooth necklace from Chin Teo is a simple yet trendy choice. However, keep in mind that to be at least as partly as successful in your efforts as he was, you need a good-looking necklace. Anything too short might resemble a dog collar, anything with too much gold might make people see you as a modern incarnation of Scarface, and anything too big might end up looking as if you are a runaway brother of 2 Chainz. Keeping this in mind, you will be able to pull it off.

What not to do?

When you are wearing watch and a bracelet, make sure that the high and the low-end are always in contrast. Furthermore, don’t let your arm become an accessories party. Wearing too much might make you look like the kind that wants to grab people’s attention and you won’t look attractive to anybody. Well, it is now 2015, you can stacked your bracelets and watch together, lets say don’t wear more than 5 bracelets in one arm except when the bracelets are thin ones. I like this LUIS MORAIS Solar Plexus Chakra White Gold and Glass Bead Bracelet! And wear it with a Sibling sweater, Wooyoungmi trousers, Luis Morais bracelet,Valentino backpack and Lanvin sneakers.

One of the most important things to remember is to never get too wild with piercings. The recent eyebrow ring that Shia Labeouf put on is just one of the many good examples of why you should not get too free with your piercing experiments. This style is more suitable to women so let them have it. But I am sure that this gold cross necklace is a thing for everyone.

Finally, when talking about women’s territory there is one line that you should never cross and that is to wear an anklets. Whatever you might think, whatever your girlfriend’s opinion on the matter is, just don’t do it. Anklets have been designed for women and they should stay that way.

If you want to look stylish and good, keep these tips in mind and you will learn how to wear men’s jewelry with little effort. Get this Luis Morais Madurai gold and glass bead bracelet (set of three) to start your collection. By contrasting frosted and metallic glass beads in earthy hues with polished rose gold, this set of Luis Morais bracelets achieves an effortlessly dashing look. The shapes of the gold parts are taken from Eastern yantras, adding a spiritual finish to the look. You can wear it with a Acne Studios shirt, The Elder Statesman cardigan, Alexander McQueen trousers and Maison Martin Margiela sneakers.

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