The Peter Non SS16 event was at PNP boutique in Florence, January 13, 2016, and the actual invitation was fresh, which is hand-made in wet-white leather, dip-dyed in aniline. The event was to celebrate the worldwide launch of the SS’16 collection inspired by the theme of “Adaptation”. The creative team behind the brand will present an artistic and interactive installation based on kinetics,
with live music by Furtherset. “Every drop is a tear of joy or sadness, birth or death, life or end.
We are Just instruments in a world of infinite force, which decides when and where to let every tear drop.”


// Adaptation //

At the beginning there’s fear:
feeling weak, cold, in a sense, inappropriate.
Asking for survival.
Then a shake, in the wild of your body and aim,
perceiving a thrill inside, of “something”, different.
It’s more, it’s less, it’s longer, or shorter, it’s half or double,
it might simply just be a new perspective.
Sensations, of change.
Acceptance at first. Then adaptation, and comfort.
The osmosis between the mould and the mind:
every breath is the circumstantial evidence of your being alive.
Rising, deep.
The world, it’s you.

Peter Non SS’16 collection is inspired by the theme of “Adaptation”: a process, which starts from a physical, mental or social need, and follows with a positive change, to an evolutionary life. The difference itself, be it big or small, is to step ahead. Slowly, you learn to embrace the tension of diversity, and in this new condition, you feel stable and safe, as if you held the world in your hands.
Continuity and innovation, hand-made treatments and high-quality materials, totally made in Italy:
dip-dyed vegetable leather, fixed with lacquer, patent leather and embroidered patches of patent leather, the hand-perforated crust, waxed tanning leather, washed and natural air dried, drum-waxed and hand-brushed leather, natural Hircus goat fur, hand-warped rich cotton by Renata Bonfanti, hot-engraved and washed ‘vitello Crust’.

This season Peter Non presents shoes, accessories and scarves for both men and women.

Furtherset was actively participating throughout the event, creating live music made for our installation inspired by the theme of Adaptation.

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