I am in doubt. Almost everyone I know, a person that is an online influencer, fashion blogger, working in Fashion, PR or banking world. They all have this little white ghost everyone call ‘Snapchat’. Since many brands are expecting Snapchat as a part of publications, I started to re-think the strategy. Should I Snapchat?

To be able to decide and answer myself on the question if I also have to use the Snapchat, one of fast growing social media channel which may be more attractive than the famous Instagram, I tried, to sum up, reasons why I should use Snapchat as an influencer. What are the reasons for you to consider before using Snapchat when you are an online influencer and blogger?

1. More brands request one or two Snapchat publication as collaboration

More and more brands start requiring Snapchat publications as part of collaborations, for example, I was asked to make three Snapchat publicity on events. Luckily is that the brand I worked with is willing to change the request to either Twitter update or Facebook post. But it is just not feeling right to reject the job or suggest something else. Until now it is the best reason reasons to use Snapchat as an influencer.

2. Expand your reach as influencer, but you can do it without Snapchat

Nothing is more valuable for us as an influencer to expand our reach, and Snapchat can help us with that. On the contrary, I do not want rush myself on these things. One reason is that many of Influencer Marketing agencies are still not able to integrate Snapchat with their reach-calculation platform. I think focusing and being kick-ass on less channel is more important than presenting yourself on every social media platform just because everyone uses it.

3. You can publish you story, in an easy way and faster way.

We can call it microblogging, fast-blogging or just chat. The struggle for most of the bloggers is to make daily recap every day, seven days a week and publish it on the blog. This is why many bloggers are now more active on social media and just updating their blog once or twice a week. The Snapchat story is a set of snaps that you’ve record over the day or event. Your snaps are arranged in the order they captured. These snaps will be able to be viewed an unlimited number of times by your friends. An excellent way to curate memories over the course of a day-trip or to set up elaborate tales or running gags. I just have no time for this actions.

4. Oh so much FUN!

I think Snapchat is comparable to the funfair. It is a lot of fun, with all the emojis, crazy filters and lenses. A teenager’s dreams. Love to have lots of fun and to feel forever young? Then maybe Snapchat fits your personality perfectly than Twitter. More important question is; “Will Snapchat help you presenting yourself/brand to the public?”. When doing it right, of course, it will. Take an example from Dior and other designers on how they use Snapchat for either their shows or events.

I am not teenagers. So before I am going to use Snapchat, I really must think further about how am I going to use this media.

5. For the sake of Tech.

Well, I think in 2016 we have to try everything at least one when it regards technology. Just try it out with the goal. If it is not working for you, leave it and focusing back to the platform which works the best for you.

I love new technology.

6. Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

Nothing to be argued anymore when talking about Privacy. In this digital world, we have to be more and more selective and careful to be able to protect our privacy. And privacy is a high priority for Snapchat. The example is that any data is eliminated as soon as it’s view, no residue, cache or history. When your Snapchat friends or followers are taking a screenshot, the Snapchat will send an alert to you. This kind of privacy is valuable for everyone. You don’t need to be a teenager in America to appreciate this feature.

So, why do we want to share more and mroe on the social media if we still want to keep some parts of our private life for ourself and people that are ‘real’ close to us?


Did I sum up several reasons to use Snapchat as an influencer in this article? If you haven’t used this social media app yet, will this article make you decide to use Snapchat or otherwise?

Below you will find several articles which are nice to read and more extensive than mine. Am I choosing to use Snapchat? Not yet. I did create an account for myself, but There is still nothing. I use it now especially for the unique feature Discover and Live.

This Snapchat’s feature, Discover, will tell you about three heated conversation topics for the day. This feature is still brand-new, and there are just a bit more than 12 players right now. You can use the Discover section be up to date about what’s going on around you.

Snapchat’s Live serves a similar purpose, but instead of being carefully curated content, it hosts fun news stories from around the world.

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