Let’s talk about Instagram and the ‘7 Golden Rules to grow your Instagram Following’. I have often got questions about how did I manage my Instagram? How long did I have my account already and most often the question is ‘How can I get so many followings?’ Dedicated to all these lovely people who asked me through e-mails, direct messages and directly, I would love to share these 7 golden rules to grow your Instagram followings.

  1. First, what you need to do is Always keep an eye on your rivals – they can steal your fans. However, don’t worry about this since it will not be that easy as long as you keep focusing on creating engaging contents for your followers.
  2. Nothing new but very solid, Test hashtags – test, measure, optimise, find new ones, but every image of yours should have them. I did

3. Prepare content – sometimes it is worth to think about a description of a photo. Interesting post – will give more reasons to leave a comment. Let me tell you a secret; Content Calendar is critical! Did you know that some established companies did not even have a good content calendar?


4. Publish at random time – your fans will never find out when to check if there is a new post from you, especially after the new algorithm upgrade of Instagram. So try it out and publish consistently. I often post 2 – 4 images every day on Instagram.

5. Frequently look for the new followers – check your competition’s followers, and communicated with them. Mention them and engage. I do follow many users, especially when they have interesting feeds. You will get inspired by following others.

  1. Again, Engage! – Comment, Like and Follow, then REPEAT.

7. Add a (shortened) link in your bio – and start measuring traffic from Instagram. You also can promote your latest/ sponsored post on it (charge more to the brands for this extra valuable action). More income, Score!


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