Let’s admit it, being a fashion blogger, and online influencer is not only about attending parties, poolside’s cocktails, free stuff and showing off the vanity on every social media such as Instagram and Snapchat. There is one thing which is must be put on the first line of ‘Important Things Bucket’, getting more website traffic!

In this ‘Let’s Talk About It’ section, I would love to share the “5 Ways To Get Blog Traffic Using Social Media”. I have been blogging part-time for more than 3,5 years now and due to lack of time I have learned myself to choose the best ways to get more traffic from social media networks I use. Until today, I only use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,  Pinterest, and Tumblr. I shared my thought on using Snapchat in another post before, and I decided not to use Snapchat, for now.

tree-1148032_1920 5 WAYS TO GET BLOG TRAFFIC USING SOCIAL MEDIA LET'S TALK ABOUT IT SCOPES Let’s walk on all 5 ways to get blog traffic using social media, starting with social media platform I am most active in, Instagram.

1. Updating your link on your Instagram profile description

Every time a new article is published on my blog, I add the link to my Instagram account. Not just a raw link, I think it is good to write a short and compelling words in your about section explaining what is the post about (see an example on my Instagram profile). You can also use shortened link such as Bitly or Gooogle if you want to track the traffic easier, or just use the long-tail link. I use short link using the WordPress Jetpack feature or just the long-tail link. Either way are good since Google Analytics will measure it correctly.

2. Drive Traffic to your website from Facebook

First thing first, creates a Facebook page for your site and start making fans. The more fans base you have, the wider the reach you will get on your content. Then, just to remind you since this is such an obvious step to do. Share your content to your Facebook page and then share it from there to your personal account. The Facebook page can also help your search engine rankings since it is another indicator of your digital presence when people are looking for you on Google. The last one but not least, since last year, I use Facebook Ads to promote my articles and to earn paid traffics and reach. Of course, this is your choice to do so or not. But when you want to grow and be a professional blogger, investing on your blog is a mandatory duty to do. Believe me; you will get more than traffic.

3. Share your articles on Twitter

An obvious step to do, right? But I also know that this can be time-consuming and overwhelming at the same time. A trick I want you to have and do. I use WordPress.org as my blogging platform until now I haven’t regretted it yet. It seems that WordPress is made for blogging, much better than Tumblr. All you need to do is installing a plugin named “Revived Old Posts”. This plugin will do the rest for you, repurposing your old contents by re-share it to your Twitter account. Another obvious step is to add your website link in your Twitter profile page.

4. Add a link to your Pinterest and start pinning

Adding your links to every social media platform you are active in is a like drinking a healthy juice for your blog SEO. It is also helping others to find your website easier. Then, start pinning your engaging contents from your fashion blog to Pinterest boards. A good way to do it is also to mix and match with other articles from the Internet. It will make your boards less selfish-like and more attractive for your followers.

5. Posting your blog to your Tumblr page

I own my Tumblr page much longer than other social media network I am using now. In fact, I started blogging using Tumblr since it was such an easy tools to use. But now, my Tumblr is mostly used to reshare my blog posts and to reblog interesting contents from my network.


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