While working behind my desk at home, often I always listen to music. Most of the time, I use the headphone connected to my Macbook Pro, just because my partner also working at home. However, when I am alone at home working, I love to fill the house with my favourite top 10 latest download songs from my iTunes library. Not long ago, I only use the built-in speaker of the Macbook which is good, but when I heard about the UE Roll 2 speaker I want to have it. Two weeks ago, I saw an open campaign for the UE Roll 2 Speaker on Influentials.Network. I applied to be part of the campaign and last week; I received the UE Roll 2 Speaker from CoolBlue (my favourite electronics e-shop/store) to try and to review it.

UE Roll 2 speaker

UE Roll 2 Speaker

Plus points of the UE Roll 2 speaker:

1. The UE Roll 2 speaker’s design is perfect for any interior and the + and – volume buttons well integrated into the design by adding it to the front of the speaker.
2. Made in a disc model and compact size.
3. The price of the UE Roll 2 speaker is below €100,-
4. Possibilities to connect more UE Roll 2 speakers to have the maximum joy in listening.
5. Completely waterproof, dust and shocks resistant.
6. A unique app is available to operate the speaker, equaliser tuning, setting up alarm and on/of function.
7. 360° sounds which in my opinion very comfortable to the ears.
8. Handy bungee cord to attach the speaker where ever you want.
9. 9 hours of battery life which is just perfect for one non-stop music filled working day without having to charge the speaker.
10. Available in various fun colours such as tropical anime, volcano, reef, sugarplum, habanero and atmosphere.
11. Longer wireless range around 30 meters.

Extra: UE Floatie (a blow-up doughnut) for the pool party.

UE Roll 2 Speaker

Minus points of the UE Roll 2 speaker:

1. You can not connect your headphones to the UE Roll 2 speaker.
2. There is no possibility to charge your mobile phone.
3. Maybe I am too picky but, when I order a black speaker, I prefer a black charging cable instead of a bright yellow one. Of course, this is only a small minus point according to my preferences.


Everything for a smile.

Coolblue is one of the largest online shops in the Netherlands & Belgium and has only one goal: Making customers smile. Some smiles come easily, some take a little extra, but at Coolblue it’s all in the details. We charge no shipping costs for our orders. We send our customers a text message as soon as their order has been packed and shipped. We answer all questions on Social Media within 30 minutes. Making customers happy is in our DNA.

Over Coolblue. Ooit begonnen als studentenbedrijf. Nu een webwinkel met meer dan 323 specialistische shops en 8 fysieke winkels in Nederland en België. Sinds onze oprichting in 1999 hebben we maar één doel: jou blij maken. We geven advies met verstand van zaken en we hebben een obsessieve focus op klanttevredenheid. Met meer dan 1500 Coolblue’ers werken we keihard om onze klanten te verwonderen.

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