It is not more than two and a half months ago since I came back from my trip. My last trip to Tokyo, Bangkok, Bali, Java and Singapore left great feelings and experiences. I am fascinated on how travelling can open your mind and indeed put everything in perspective and balanced. Immediately after arrived back in The Netherlands, I decided to save money for my next Wanderlust adventure, and then I found online. I immediately think about start saving a little bit every month for the next vacation.



After checking out the website of, I know a bit more about how Semmie works. For me, it is easier to say that I am saving a bit every month for my next trip. Saving might not be the correct word for this because is a digital investment platform that enables investment for everyone. I find that Semmie is easy and accessible for someone like me, a young professionals or parents or students. I do not have the knowledge about investment at all, and I do not want to run any huge risks on my saving. Semmie helped me with its three Nice Portfolio which is easy to understand; Low Risk, Medium Risk and High Risk. For me, low risk with a lower r.o.i. is my choice of the portfolio for now, which I can change it anytime. Oh, did I told you about the ‘Call Service’? I was not sure if I am doing the right steps to open an account and if I got all information right. So I just use the ‘Call Service’ button on It is always a good feeling to be able to get a personal help and advice from a digital platform which some companies forget how important this is, But Semmie does not forget that.

More reasons to use Semmie to save money for your goal?

  • Using, it is easy and possible to open new accounts and add accounts whenever you want. You can start today and quit tomorrow.
  • It is your choice to choose your account to be a business account or a private savings account.
  • Easy to withdraw money or closing your account 24/7 online at no additional cost.
  • Open an account online within 10 minutes.
  • 7days a week chat function for all your questions.
  • No lump sums/ contracts. You decide how much amount money you want to save in a month.
  • Semmie is used as an alternative to a savings account and significantly be more efficient in the long run! Regular savings account resulted in currently 0.1%, 0.2 or 0.3% on returns. Semmie has more than 3.5% R.O.I. in the most defensive portfolio (the portfolio with minimum risk) since 2014.
  • Monthly deposits give the advantage on all markets. Your account will be managed to buy more when the share prices are low, and less buying when the prices are high.
  • Choose your own risk. There are three portfolios; offensive (risk fullest), neutral and defensive investments (least risk).
  • Use IDEAL easily to transfer money to your Semmie account.


Back to the question ‘What am I saving for?’ Now, I am planning to save at least €50 monthly for a year for my next short trip. Btw, Semmie has no hidden fees and only invest in companies with sustainable agenda. Can it be better than this? Yes, Semmie promise is only long-term goals, no unnecessary risks and Semmie goes for a steady return.

So, what are you saving for?



Semmie ( is an online investment platform. It is seen as an alternative to a savings account with a higher ROI. Important to know is that Semmie does not want to have the same image as a traditional asset-management and Sammie wants to distinguish themselves from the traditional banks. Additionally, Semmie has a platform that is straightforward and accessible to everyone! Within 10 minutes you have an online profile. Using your online profile, you will be able to open new accounts, add accounts, withdraw your money or close the account whenever you want. There is no mandatory deposit per month, but the advice is a monthly deposit of 50euro for a visible return. Last but not least, they only invest in companies with a sustainable character.

Over Semmie

Semmie is een online beleggingsplatform. Het wordt gezien als alternatief voor een spaarrekening met een hoger rendement. Belangrijk om te weten is dat zij geen klassiek vermogensbeheerimago willen en zich willen onderscheiden van de traditionele banken. Daarnaast heeft Semmie een platform dat heel simpel en toegankelijk is voor iedereen! Binnen 10 minuten heb je online een rekening geopend. Je kunt nieuwe rekeningen openen, rekeningen toevoegen, geld opnemen of stoppen wanneer je maar wilt. Ook is er geen verplichte inleg per maand maar het advies is wel een maandelijkse storting van 50euro voor een zichtbaar rendement. Last but not least investeren zij alleen in bedrijven met een duurzaam karakter.


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