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The World is changing. The amount of information we consume every minute is unbelievable. We get our information from newspapers, radio and television broadcastings. Now we use the Internet and the social media a lot where information comes much faster than ever. We try to filter the amount of the information pushed and provided to us, but it is not an easy job to escape from. With all the information we get; unfortunately, we are opinionated. Since early 2015 another trend is rising. We are becoming progressively individualistic concerning how we lead our lives. No matter how many information we are forced to consume, following the stream is not the only option. Some follow, but others are creating their version of life.

They urge to be unique and to break the opinion and stand out for their beliefs, to tell their story and create the authentic “I”. To tell a story, which is not created by the social media but influenced by it. To evolve to a new better version. Reflecting personal style and personal preferences from customising our wardrobes, accessories, even our bank cards and many other levels of customising. The world overfilled with trends, biases, knock-offs, mass production, and ideas coming from other ideas; it is a must for established brand and corporate to distinguish themselves in their field, mainly because the Millennial is the largest segment of the target market. This article is written with the focus on the personalisation of bank payment card from the ING Nederland (Mijn ING Betaalpas).

mijn-ing-betaalpas-christiangertsen-04 MIJN ING BETAALPAS GADGET, TECH & DESIGN LIFESTYLE

Daily Life

In my daily life, there are two items that I continually use throughout the day, my bank card (Mijn ING betaalpas) and my mobile phone. Nowadays, I almost never have cash in my wallet. I pay all my purchases with my bank card, which is accepted worldwide. Recently it is even possible to pay using your Smartphone.

For my iPhone, I order back covers and phone cases online a lot. Some of the back covers and phone cases are pre-design, but most of them are customised by me using my images. I did the same to my bank card when the bank provides the service. Recently, I ordered a personalised bank card (Mijn ING betaalpas) with my picture on it. I am happy that my bank offers this service, not every bank give you the option to do so.

mijn-ing-betaalpas-christiangertsen-05 MIJN ING BETAALPAS GADGET, TECH & DESIGN LIFESTYLE

The making of Mijn ING betaalpas

The process of making the personalised bank card is very easy. First, I logged into my e-banking account and navigated to the page where I can order a new bank payment card (mijn ING betaalpas). The next step is uploading the picture for the new card (Mijn ING betaalpas). In this stage, it is possible to add several pictures to see how the card (Mijn ING betaalpas) is going to look. Alternatively, just resize or crop the image for a different view and effect. I uploaded three different pictures as you can see below.

mijn-ing-betaalpas-christiangertsen-01 MIJN ING BETAALPAS GADGET, TECH & DESIGN LIFESTYLE mijn-ing-betaalpas-christiangertsen-02 MIJN ING BETAALPAS GADGET, TECH & DESIGN LIFESTYLE

After deciding which image I want to have on my new bank card, you get to an option box to choose between keep using the old PIN-code or receiving a new PIN-code. I opted to keep using my existing code. Then, I had to go to the confirmation page where a TAN-code will be delivered to the mobile phone using the SMS-service to confirm the transaction. It will take up to five working days for ING Nederland to process the request. The ‘Mijn ING Betaalpas’ was delivered to my address in just two business days.

I Love My Personalised Bank Card – Mijn ING betaalpas

I am keen on my new personalised bank card. It reflects how I am in term of style. I love solid colours, simple, fewer prints. I am a minimalist. Other pictures I uploaded were, as you can say, less minimalistic but those pictures reflect my desire and what I love to do the most as a wanderer, free spirits, travels, new places and horizon.

I believe that established brands and corporate are in right track by facilitating the rise of personalisation. I am glad that ING Bank Nederland provides this option.

mijn-ing-betaalpas-christiangertsen-03 MIJN ING BETAALPAS GADGET, TECH & DESIGN LIFESTYLE


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