We can not deny this anymore. There are still too many bad and ugly things happening in our little Earth even now, at this very minute. Spread the love and give it a good balance, a new and better chances for the next generations.

When I said this is such a disgrace to humanity, I might sound harsh and adverse. It is never about what we say in words, but it is about what we do. I always think, say whatever you want as long as what you do is spreading the love. Gold might come handy to solve some problems, but not everyone has gold bars. What do we have, which cost us nothing? Love. Every person has the ability to love, all we need to do is just use it, spread the love. Yes, spread the love because it is gold in every culture. So how can we do that?

Do not rush

Not everything is a competition. So try not to rush, not try always to be ahead all the time. It will apply to almost everything, driving a car, buying groceries, Christmas shopping, everything. What I mean is, take a deep breath and look around, slow down, and you will see there will be others that need to be in front of you. Let them be, maybe the need it. It is ok to be second sometimes. The best thing is, you will be less stressed out too.


A little, Hello!

Head up, we are have become more individualist. It is ok, and it can be quite handy in several situations. However, let it not be the standard. With a simple “Hello” to people in your neighbourhood, familiar or not will make a difference.

Payback more

It is not the easiest to do and might feel strange to do so. I believe that the best way to help others is direct. There is of course so many organisations that work on a bigger scale to help someone in need. However, you better do it closer to where you are. Look around, and you will find. For example, donate your unused clothes to a local homeless shelter. What about a cup of coffee for a friend?

Say nothing instead

It is easy to give advice directly to a friend, family or just a stranger that suddenly tell you what just happened to them. Instead of giving advice or talk, maybe it is better just to listen more.

Expect less

A difficult thing to do, especially when it is almost Christmas or when your birthday is around the corner. However, do you need that new iPhone 7 (for example) while your mobile phone is still working just fine? It is never about a gift, so expect less.

In the end, not all of us own mountain of golden dust, but we all have love. Spread the love and please, do not make any New Year Resolutions anymore. It is useless. I find a short-term to-do list is way handier. Believe me, a to-do list is easy to keep up with and often it is more realistic.


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