Cold weather mix

When the weather is still cold, wear your denim shirt under a thick sweater, leave your coat at home, layer it with a weather proved jacket. Wear brushed cotton trousers for the bottom and finished it with a pair of boots. Alternatively, what you can do is, wear your thermal undergarments, your denim shirts on top of it, cashmere sweater above it as an extra layer and kick-ass with a statement denim jacket. Bam!

Wear it as a jacket

I am talking about your shirt. When room you are entering is too warm, take off your denim shirt and wear your long sleeves white t-shirts which are hidden below before. Wear your denim shirt on your waist. Alternatively, another way, consider to wear a denim shirt on top of your t-shirt and leave the first three top buttons unbuttoned.

how to wear your denim now! - Levi Saunders

Nothing new, double denim way

Sometimes, the best way to wear your denim shirt is to wear it with denim trousers. Pay attention on the shades. I prefer light denim wash on top of darker wash. The important thing is always to mix the shades even though ton-sur-ton might be the trend.

Combine it with your street’s wear piece

For example, you can wear your denim garments with your camouflage prints sweats and sneakers. Looking very on-trend without being slack.

Can’t get enough? Triple it!

Double denim is almost a passé; the trend is triple denim. It does not mean that you have to turn blue from top to toe. I suggest to wear black denim trousers (skinny fit) please, a blue light wash denim shirt and then finish it with your old best denim jacket.

how to wear your denim now - Lonely by Benjamin Voros

how to wear your denim now - Allef Vinicius

Darkest jacket

No matter what kind of denim wash your denim item has, the best way to wear it with the denim jacket is when your denim jacket is the darkest blue wash. No slates and clean.

Casual Gentleman

Last but not least, wear it with casual tailoring, chinos or Bermuda to look neat but casual. Consider to wear it with a straw hat during the summer and well-manicured camel wool hat in the winter.

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