My review on Nubo by Panasonic

Feeling Safe cannot be bought with money, but since ‘feeling safe’ is a state of mind, we can do something about it to enhance it. There are many actions we can do to reach the ‘feeling safe’; we can activate two steps verifications, choose a right password and activate surveillance where it is needed. For this last thing, I tried Nubo by Panasonic lately. In this post, I write my review on Nubo by Panasonic. Nubo by Panasonic is the world’s first mobile monitoring camera with 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi,

Things that you love cherish and treasure, anywhere.

At home, living in an apartment, it gives me extra safe feelings since only owners of the apartments have the key to enter the interior hallway and staircase. However, inside the home, I as a dog owner, Nubo by Panasonic comes handy to monitoring the situation inside the house. I never know when my dog needs me. In my case, my dog occasionally gets epileptic attacks. After an epileptic attack, my dog relies on my partner or me for comforting words to get him back again to know where he is and to get him out for fresh air.

panasonic nubo review - christian gertsen

panasonic nubo review - christian gertsen

With the built-in motion detector, Nubo will notify me when there is a movement in the house. I can use Nubo to call my dog’s name and giving him comforting words until one of us reach home using the built-in speaker and microphone. Another thing is I have the freedom to place the Nubo anywhere I want in the house. Unlike my old wired monitoring camera. This Nubo mobile video surveillance camera is so good comparing to other drop-cam.

Outdoor and away from home.

Not only home, but the Nubo by Panasonic monitoring camera is also giving you freedom outdoor. While travelling, I often worried about leaving my stuff unattended in hotel rooms. Now, I can use Nubo to alert me when there is activity in the hotel room. However, there are more places I can use Nubo to protect valuable things outside the house, for example, while having a barbeque party in the park with friends or while doing a photoshoot outdoor for my an article on my website.

The good thing is that Nubo can to storage video and pictures locally using an SD-card. Using the Nubo-app, I can snap an event if I need to. The 4G connection is handy when there is no WiFi connection available. In The Netherlands, the 4G connection will be provided by Vodafone.

Nubo video monitoring camera can be used by connecting it to USB power bank. It is freedom to

What can you expect more from Nubo mobile video monitoring camera by Panasonic?

So far, we know that Nubo has a built-in motion detector with variable motion alerts which are amazingly smart with video analytics and human detection, 3G, 4G and WiFi connectivity. Nubo by Panasonic also provide a local storage using an SD-card, works with a USB-power bank, it has built-in speaker and microphone for a two-way talk, an iOS app to capture and save an event. Nubo connects everywhere, all you need is a power source

Not only that, things is just getting interesting. So you know that it is possible to use Nubo outdoor. Yes, it is because Nubo is weatherproof, thanks to the IP-66 housing. What about the magnetic mounting system at the back of the Nubo? Say goodbye to drilling holes and hello to new and better viewing perspectives.

my review on nubo by panasonic

What more?

The camera, the most important of all. Nubo video monitoring camera has a 140-degree wide-angle lens. With this 140-degree wide angle lens, it only means one thing, see more and protect more. The camera can capture full 1080p HD images and videos in 720p speed. The cherry on the cake will be the special night vision using the infrared light. The camera gives me quality images in low light and dark environment using the LED array.

Nubo by Panasonic is not just about surveillance at home. Nubo is capable of connecting with my smart home systems such as door locks, thermostats and other external sensors. Nubo by Panasonic has the Zigbee technology.

my review on nubo by panasonic

my review on nubo by panasonic

My verdict

Come to the end of my review on Nubo by Panasonic; my verdict is that Nubo is the best home surveillance ‘smart’ camera I ever try at this moment. What I love the most is the ‘freedom’ it gives me in term of usage, connectivity, portability, durability and the 140-degree wide-angle lens with its night vision. One thing I wish to have in Nubo to be able to works without a power source. The rechargeable battery is in there already, all we need is an ON/OFF power button.

“Nubo is the world’s first and only monitoring/security camera that connects over 4G and Wi-Fi, giving you the option to do what you love while keeping an eye on the things you love. See here to learn more about how others use their Nubo Cam.

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