I admit this. One thing I love to do more is travelling. Last 11 years, I thought I went abroad too less. Some of my close friends said “No, dude! You travel a lot the last 11 years.” It might be correct but yet not precise. I do go abroad several times, starting with visiting The Netherlands for the first time, then move to Amsterdam to live here, following with couple times back and forth between Amsterdam, Java and Bali with several transits to visit friends and family. Not to forget my latest Asia travel round which covered Tokyo, Bangkok, Bali, Java, Singapore in one month. Such exciting moment.

Believe me, feeling unsatisfied is not part of life and an aspect of responsibility and being growing up. You can change this. For example, when you are feeling unsatisfied with what you do, stop doing it. Find something else, and start again.

Start again and leaving the steady situation is full of risk and give no guarantee of success. But hey, being stuck and unsatisfied with current situation brings you nowhere either.

I want to travel more. I am thinking what steps I can or must take to explore more? I am afraid to fly or too less time available. These steps are not going to be easy, and the adventure can take slowly too. But it worth it. A simple way to do it is one step at a time.

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Unsplash: Anthony Delanoix

1. Admit this, you can’t do it alone.

We are just human. You can’t build your desire alone; supports from others are more a necessity than needs. And travelling alone can be good, but there is some downside when it comes to travel alone.

One important thing is starting to invest in relationships that nurture your aspirations. Be selective and choose the most uplifting, forward-thinking people and they who accept you as you are. We need someone or people who will push us to be the victor, not the victim.

Who are these people? Normally they are not from far away, my partner for example. Or my family that are living on the other side of this globe. Not to forget, there are coaches and counsellors. These two persons are the one who helped me to go further than the false beliefs.

2. Recognise the fears and let go.

Inner work is the most struggle I have to work on. For example the fear of flying. If I can’t let this go, last winter I would not be able to make the many flights I have to take to enjoy the journey. For doing this, we will need the group who will be an active supports. We just simply can’t do it alone.

christian-gertsen-online-influencer-123513 You Can Travel More by Following These Steps LET'S TALK ABOUT IT SCOPES TRAVEL

Unsplash: Toa Heftiba

3. Not everything will works. Let it go!

Let it go. Let go everything that are and will not work for you anymore. It can be your close friends, your hobbies, your jobs and it can be your family member.

To be able to move forward, we need to leave behind what holding us and make our stay in the past. Gain the trust on to yourself and get the secure feeling to get on ahead.

4. Do what you need to do like your life depends on it.

For example, forgiveness. Or do what necessary to feel safer to travel, take insurance, get informed by your local GP about what you need when you want to visit specific countries.

Watch the government news about the safety for you as the traveller, find a local guidance which will bring us back to the first step, building the safe network. When you feel more secure because you prepare it accurately, it will be easier for you to take action and travel.

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Unsplash: Joshua Earle

5. Enjoy what you have in life now

The brain is really complicated. Every time there is a change that is conflicting with the ‘normal’ way of life, it will send out signals of distress and dangers. We for sure can reduce and suppress it.

Take more time to enjoy and relax while reflecting and accepting what you have in life. By realising and accepting it, you are on another level of happiness. It is deeper. I do not do meditation like you think it supposed to be, sitting on a yoga mattress, folded legs and closed eyes. When I am somewhere and staring at a far away spot with an empty mind, it is meditation. I often realise that let myself drowning in positivity also help.

christian-gertsen-online-influencer-99831 You Can Travel More by Following These Steps LET'S TALK ABOUT IT SCOPES TRAVEL

Unsplash: Isabell Winter

lank You Can Travel More by Following These Steps LET'S TALK ABOUT IT SCOPES TRAVEL

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