Let’s admit it, as an online influencer; life can be tricky. Blogging is a new born career opportunity; a path that keeps developing and finding its way in the narrative of the big world of marketing. Luckily, there are Influencer Marketing Agencies and platforms out there, that help makes our lives as a blogger/ online influencer easier. Bring us work and enables us to deep-dive into our historical performance. Also, providing tips and tricks on what (not) to do.

It is the absolute key to work with agencies and platforms that are reliable and trustworthy. The most important thing you need to keep in mind when choosing one is that there’s a strong connection with the organisation. An organisation whom you can trust. To be frank, I have tried many influencer agencies and platforms in the past that did not satisfy me at those points. Therefore, I decided to exclusively collaborate with an agency that values and respects my expertise. Beyond that, an agency that helps me drive more business and values my output based on verifiable data. Exactly the reason why I’ve chosen to partner with The Cirqle. An agency that brings about 10-15 new campaigns every week, from some of the biggest brands across the globe.

In case you’re not familiar with The Cirqle, you may want to check out their website here: www.thecirqle.com. Not only because of the reasons I mentioned above, but also because the below reasons why I decided to work through The Cirqle platform. If you are an influencer or thinking about becoming one, read this:


1. You are in the “Inner Cirqle”.

Let me start with this: The Cirqle team is simply the best. Their campaign managers are on-point and give you guidance and answers to your inquiries accurately and quick. This is really what you need when you have to make things work before certain deadlines. Not to mention that The Cirqle team treats you more like a family member and with respect, and as a part of their inner cirqle. Not as an outsider who only does the work for them and helps bring in the cash. A big PLUS-point!

2. Measure your impact through your Profile

You have your private profile where you can see your growth as well as a showcase of the previous brand work through the platform. You can connect your social media channels like Instagram and Facebook and even Google Analytics of your website. This makes it possible to create a complete profile including all the verified data and analytics, which will increase the chance that a brand will decide to work with you.

Also, you can share your profile outside of the platform, which makes it easy to get in touch with brands and show them a complete profile in the glimpse of an eye. Best of all: all numbers are verified, and brands know that.


3. Ready to choose campaigns

The Cirqle team works hard to provide us with ready to choose campaigns from cool brands from all around the globe. All we need to do is review and read the campaign briefing and determine whether the campaign is a right fit. Based on that you decide if the campaign is a match with you and your future endeavours. When you have decided that you would like to participate in a particular campaign, you can press the “Apply for the Campaign” button. This way I got the opportunity to work with a ton of local and international brands already.

4. Pitch it yourself!

Feeling creative and ready to create your campaign for the coolest brands, you can create a unique campaign and pitch it to the brand of your choice through The Cirqle Influencer’s Dashboard. The Cirqle has broad connections and brands onboard which make it easy for us to contact them and addressing your very own campaign idea to the brand.



5. You can be yourself.

Creativity is the Holy Grail here. Of course, there are guidelines and campaign briefings, but actually, you can design your own experience within set boundaries, and it is welcomed to be creative while creating content. This aspect is one that is often missing at other agencies. A guideline is good, but too much of it will only make the content less creative and unique. At this point, I can always be myself when working with brands through The Cirqle.


I asked these three questions to The Cirqle CEO’s, Steven Lammertink, to help you know about the company’s spirit and DNA more from an Insider

1. What makes The Cirqle different from other influencer agencies? Except of course above reasons I mentioned above?

Influencers and Brands can connect through a marketplace at pre-defined rates in a transparent, direct and efficient way.

As an influencer, you can see upfront what you are getting in return when you deliver specific tasks. Tasks can be 1 Instagram post, one blog post, etc.

The openness of the platform cuts out the middlemen and doesn’t have agents taking strong fees from our collaborative work.

Our mobile app allows influencer to i) track their growth ii) join campaigns and iii) pitch to brands on a daily basis.

2. If you may build a profile, how does an Ideal Online Influencer have to look? In term of; platforms they use, reach, engagement, knowledge on the technical aspect, etc. Please ignore the ‘model cliché’ appearances such as beautiful or handsome.

Our ideal influencer is an individual that is perceived as credible and thus shares authentic, relevant and reliable content. While we do look at a person’s reach and the platforms he or she uses, it is more important to us that an influencer is someone who heavily engages with its online followers, and is seen as a trusted source of information.

3. What is your 3 Golden Tips for the Influencers?

  • Make sure that the identity of the brand you are collaborating with aligns with your value proposition! If you apply for a campaign that does not match your profile, the collaboration is likely to be perceived as persuasive, thus harming the credibility of both the influencer and the brand.
  • Be open and honest about your collaborations!
  • Be accessible! Your followers want to build a relationship with you, even if this is one-sided. Thus interact and engage with your followers.


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