Amsterdam – The results of the renovation we did in our apartment are ever beautiful and fresh. The feeling of having and being in these rooms is only excitement each day. While the construction works done, decorating the rooms is an ongoing process. Almost never ends, conducting the process into a dream. Piece by piece selected carefully and respected, each piece of the chosen furniture.

Interior Heaven

Are you often dreaming of having extraordinary interior pieces of furniture, objects, luxurious pieces, an eye-catching lighting and those refined accessories? CRAVT ORIGINAL is the right place to be. I call it “Interior Heaven”, a place where everything is beautiful and look so divine.

CRAVT AUCTION Amsterdam - Designer Furniture

A Good News

As far as I know, everyone loves a Good News. And, I have one. The CRAVT Original is organising the CRAVT Auction. At the end of May, there will be an exclusive designer furniture sale auction. The auction sale is at the CRAVT Original Showroom in Amsterdam, commencing at 10.30am, between the 16th and 18th May 2017. A massive Three days Auction to satisfied your inner interior designer souls.

The Reasons

Let’s talk about the reasons why this exclusive collection CRAVT Auction is highly worth a visit?

1. Unique pieces of furniture from the CRAVT Original / DK HOME luxury collection will be in the auction.
2. A one and only opportunity to find rare and exclusive pieces.
3. Only distinctive style, no dull items.
4. Great designs which are created with an excellent traditional craftsmanship.
5. Interior home decoration from top interior designers and the interior design portfolio
6. Three full days to bid on your unique furniture piece.
7. Unable to physically attend the bidding, Online bidding will also be available via a live webcast. Online Bidding here! 
8. Of course, there is a chance to do the viewing from the 14th May 2017, from 10.00am-4.00pm and on each day of the sale (by appointment only).

You can already view the auction catalogue here.


Managing Director of CRAVT, Denise Boekhoom about the CRAVT auction:

“This marks an unprecedented evolution for the company which brings with it the opportunity to purchase a unique piece of the collection at auction, as we pave the way for a new chapter for the brand.”

Joop Geesinkweg 901
1114 AB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 20 7608010


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