Have you been pinning lately? Or have you been neglecting your Pinterest for Instagram? Well, I do forget to pin lately, such a pity since Pinterest is still an excellent way to get traffic to your blog. In this post, I crave to share the do’s and don’ts on your Pinterest. Not much just some quick short tips and tricks.

Please, DO add a Description for the pin.

When you are pinning something directly from your blog, the description will be typically auto-filled with the title of the blog post, accompanied by the blog handle. This is easy, but you definitely want to add more information to the pin to attract engagement! Write an appealing short story on what the image or post is about. That way people do more intrigued to pin it to their own boards or eventually click to visit your blog post!

pinterest-social-media-male-blogger-kyra-preston-245906 THE DO'S AND DON'TS ON YOUR PINTEREST LET'S TALK ABOUT IT

No hashtags!

Pinterest isn’t the place for hashtags, in fact, they hate it and will lower the reach of your pins. Stay with keywords and use the most natural and search-friendly words as descriptions for the pin. If you want to add some simple keywords to your description, you can use a pipe (the straight up and down the line) to separate them from the rest of the description, like this:

Pinterest Tricks | Follow these steps to get more visitors to your blog using Pinterest.

DON’T pin a random picture from the blog post.

While planning the post, plan and create a Pinterest-worthy picture for Pinterest. How is a proper picture for Pinterest look like? It is especially a vertical image, including text, enticing colours and excellent quality.

christian-gertsen-male-blogger-pinterest-003 THE DO'S AND DON'TS ON YOUR PINTEREST LET'S TALK ABOUT IT christian-gertsen-male-blogger-pinterest-002 THE DO'S AND DON'TS ON YOUR PINTEREST LET'S TALK ABOUT IT

DO be organised.

Visuals – Visual – Visuals! Pinterest users love a good visual, this might be the first tool to attract more engagements. Then arranged your beautiful pictures. The goal is to please the eye. Alphabetical pin boards are crucial to user choice!

DO it Every day!

When you are running out of your own content, search and find! Start also pinning things outside own content. Pinterest users will respond better to the pins if the pins are good quality content and consistent. Be active every day on different time every week.

christian-gertsen-male-blogger-pinterest-001 THE DO'S AND DON'TS ON YOUR PINTEREST LET'S TALK ABOUT IT

DON’T forget the limit.

Pinning every day is one thing, but too much on something is always a bad thing. By being active is a solution to maintain and gain a significant following of users. I think somewhere between 10-20 pins a day is enough. And do not pin them all one time. Spread and space the pin out.

These are the do’s and don’ts on your Pinterest, and putting them in practice will hopefully help with your engagement and traffic to the blog.

pinterest-social-media-male-blogger-yaoqi-lai-227970 THE DO'S AND DON'TS ON YOUR PINTEREST LET'S TALK ABOUT IT


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