The morning routine. Everyone has one, but not everyone is doing it with full attention. It is most of the time, organic, rituals and things we can not miss. I had a conversation last week with a friend. We met for a cup of coffee and shared one big chunk of red velvet cake. But suddenly, we started to talk about the morning routine. It is more about my morning routine.

I think it is the right time to talk more about it and even better maybe to consider more about it. Passing the age 30, and some more years after that, worrying about my skin and how I look comes naturally. Those tiny lines on my face, the shaky look of the skin, the bigger pores and ageing spots are starting more evident. It is time to do more attention to it. Spending more time and magical creams. I also start to think, that it is more about the total look. More attention to the hair and grooming for example.

morning-routine-above-30 ABOVE 30 - MY MORNING ROUTINE BEAUTY & SKIN CARE

How does actually my morning routine look like?

First, I always start my morning with a cup of coffee, black and since three weeks ago, with no sugar. I reduce the use of sugar in everything, daily. Men said it can improve my skin’s condition. Who knows.

Then, a hot shower is next. Believe it or not, my shower cream is nothing special. What about washing my hair? I wash my hair with shampoo almost every day. The reason is that I use hair products. When done, brushing my teeth and shaving my practically non-existent facial hair are common things to do. After that, cleansing the face by whisking it using the facial brush is the next step. Just to extra exfoliating my facial skin and make it ready for the next steps.

Now my face is ready for some moisturiser and a bit of primer. Then, I wear a bit of makeup or a lot when I feel I need it. I use concealer to soften some spots and dark circles under my eyes, then a light coverage foundation. Last but not least, a bit of face powder and accompanied by sunscreen protection spray.

Mac Body & Face Foundation – Sanex Dermo Protector Shower CreamClinique ConcealerBamford Hair ShampooWet n Wild Mattifying Powder

Then it is time to do my hair. In the summer, I often wear my hair relaxed and natural. Starting with blow-drying my hair and add a bit of wax clay in my hair and spread it out evenly. As a finishing touch, I spray one of my favourite hairsprays. The wax clay and hairspray from are my faves when it comes to hair products.

Johnny’s Chop Shop hairsprayDyson supersonic hairdryerJohnny’s Chop Shop Hair Clay

When done, having breakfast and another cup of coffee are the next things in my morning routine before I am heading up to work on a bike.

So, that is my morning routine. 95% it is the same every day. Also when I have a day off, I started later, but almost nothing changed. A ritual and tradition to follow.

ps. Since two weeks ago, I am following the 28 days peeling program of Lancôme Crescendo peeling system. My skin is started to peel off. I can not wait to see the results.


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