In this travel post, we would love to share and inspire with our randomly but carefully selected things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark. From Amsterdam, flying to Copenhagen does not take hours long, and the price of the return flight tickets are not profoundly high.

Hotel’s lounges or bars

Choose chic dining room of a hotel or a hotel bar. An excellent and luxury restaurant and parlour for a drink or two with your companions are always right no matter what the reason you have. Head to the brasserie for food. Or one of the beautiful courtyards for a sip of wine. Bar Rogue is located in the five-star hotel known as Sankt Petri Hotel. Sankt Petri hotel is in the heart of Copenhagen. Within the hotel, Bar Rogue stands out as it well furnished with red walls decorated with black and white shots of jazz. The classic Nimb bar is found at the Nimb Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark. The cocktails are based on a menu that changes from time to time and therefore, you will never have the same cocktail twice. Cabinn Hotel & Lobby is one of a designer hotel built near the airport and Bella Centre in Copenhagen. The best American architects, Daniel Libeskind, is the designer of this hotel.

Or just get yourself to a local street food market.

things to do in Copenhagen - image by Shane Rounce

things to do in Copenhagen - image by Shane Rounce

Photos by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

Go Shopping

Bredgade is Copenhagen’s brilliant street for antique shopping; The street stretches out from Kastellet to Kongens Nytorv in Indre By. In the end, this road will take you past Queen Margrete’s Amalienborg castle which is located in an exclusive part of Copenhagen and is, therefore, home to unique shops.

ILLUM on Østergade is an excellent department store – well designed and well stocked – Illum has everything from perfumes to high-street and prêt-a-porter fashion on its premises. It is particularly exceptional if you are looking for Scandinavian brands to bring home and brag about.

And of course never forget to have a visit at by Marlene Birger, Storm Copenhagen, Henrik Vibskov, By Malene Birger, Mads Nørgaard, Scarpa and much more.

What My ideal start point before go for a shopping spree is the famous Nyhavn, Copenhagen. An excellent protein-rich meal before a long walk in the city.

things to do in copenhagen - image by stig ottesen

Be cultural

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is in Humlbæk, 40 kilometres north of Copenhagen. Louisiana museum shows contemporary art and modernist masterpieces.
Statens Museum for Kunst or SMK is the most extensive art museum in the nation. The collection is varied, from European classics of the Renaissance to the overwhelming diversity of modern and contemporary art.
The David Collection is a museum with one of the most excellent Islamic Art museum displays.The foundation was built around the private collections of lawyer, businessman and art collector C. L. David. The David Collection museum holds two other continual collections: a selection of European 18th-century art and a Collection of Danish early modern art.
But you also can choose to visit the tourist’s hotspots such as Rundetaarn or climb up the Church of Our Saviour.
things to do in copenhagen - image by kelvyn ornettte sol marte
things to do in copenhagen - image by tim trad
Photo by Tim Trad on Unsplash

“Stay, Splurge, See, Dine and Experience.”

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things to do in copenhagen - image by dana vollenweider

Photo by Dana Vollenweider on Unsplash

Nature in the city

Visit the Copenhagen Botanical Garden. The Botanical Garden is a particular green reservation in the heart of Copenhagen, which creates engagement between the city and the world of nature. This botanical garden is a component of the Natural History Museum of Denmark and differs significantly from other green places in the town by being a living museum with a research area, public spaces, teaching and nature conservation as its primary tasks. Here, you will find Denmark’s most significant scientific collection of plants – including species that are either threatened or extinct. So the Natural History Museum of Denmark is the bonus

Or go to the Copenhagen Zoo. I am not a supporter of Zoo as a concept. But by visiting the Zoo, we also can make sure that these animals are taking care correctly. Walk in, enjoy and observe. The Copenhagen Zoo houses over 3,000 animals. These animals are which together form 264 exotic species. Whatever the weather in Copenhagen, the city zoo offers tropical experiences within its Tropical Zoo. Snakes, crocodiles, marmosets, hornbills, dwarf-deer, free-flying birds and butterflies are just some of the animals you can experience in the 1,500 m2 vast rainforest. For me, there are two places where animals must be; one is their natural habitat, second is a protected sanctuary made by men where ‘show’ is not a part of it.

things to do in copenhagen - image by nick karvounis

things to do in copenhagen - image by daniel hansen

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