CATZ® Dry Gin Cocktail Workshop

Last Friday, after some great brainstorming meetings, to gather some thoughts for the ‘future’, I was invited to the CATZ® Dry Gin Cocktail workshop organised by Triple C Beverage Solutions. There, I got told about the history of the brand and was able to create my own CATZ® Dry Gin cocktail. The ingredients of my cocktail were: CATZ® Dry Gin, mango and peppers. I got good help from Richard Zijlstra, The CATZ® Dry Gin Ambassador.

I personally never knew what gin really was except that it is the alcohol in the Gin & Tonic. But of course, Gin is more than liquid with a high degree of alcohol; above 37,5%. Gin is a spirit, distilled from a fermented grain, where during the distillation process herbs and spices (juniper, coriander, angelica root, dried lemon, lime, orange peel and iris root) are added.

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Awards winning London Dry Gin

There are several types of gin. CATZ® Dry Gin is the London Dry Gin which not per se Gin from London. London Dry Gin is Gin which is made in only one distillation process. In this process, all ingredients are distilled all at once. And at the end of the process, only water may be added.

CATZ® Dry Gin 48.2% (est. 2016) is a new gin that makes an old Dutch brand revive. Tradition and craftsmanship are at the forefront of the 225-year-old family distillery in Schiedam with the predicate World Class Distillery. The CATZ® Dry Gin use unique and classic botanicals such as particular citrus fruit and exotic peppers. The three men behind the CATZ® Dry Gin; Sjef Molenaar, Dick Kraak and Tom Jongen are proud to have their CATZ® Dry Gin given the highest distinction of ‘Master’ at the Global Gin Masters 2017 in London. After this title, CATZ® Dry Gin won double gold medals at the China Wine & Spirits Awards 2017 in Hong Kong.


christiangertsen-2314-blog MY CATZ® DRY GIN COCKTAIL LIFESTYLE PARTY & EVENTS Recipes

After a learning session on how to make CATZ® Gin & Tonic, Negroni and Bramble, I had the chance to create my own cocktail with the CATZ® Dry Gin. After a quick ‘Cocktail Making 101’ by Richard Zijlstra, together we decided to use pepper, mango and orange peel as the ingredients for the cocktail. The reason is all about the roots, which is have to do with Java, Indonesia and China. Mango is just because mango is my favourite fruit (one of them) which I am not allergic to it. Coming up with a name for my signature cocktail was hard, but it became the “Spicy China 82.”!

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The recipe for “Spicy China 82.”

Start with filling the glass with big ice cubes and stir it to remove the porous part of the ice and pour the water out. Before you start, fill the 1924 glass with ice to make the glass icing cold and ready for the cocktail.

Now, let’s stir the ingredients together. Stir and not shake!
30 ml CATZ® Dry Gin
20 ml De Kuyper Mango Liqueur
10 ml Spicy Mango Monin syrup
20 ml Citroen juice

Throw away the crushed ice from the 1924 glass and pour in the mixed ingredients.

Finish off with a pinch of orange peel on the edges of the glass to add some bitter and add the orange peel to the mixture. If the Spicy China 82 is not spicy enough for you, you can always sprinkle some crushed dried red peppers on top of the drinks. Et Voilà!

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Find more interesting cocktail recipes on CATZ® Dry Gin’s website!

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