And how is it in Europe? Is everyone still buzzing and swearing around about the ‘controversial Vogue cover with KimYe? KimYe… KimYe… Ah, that made me think of KimChi. Love this Korean culinary. I am over it, I am sure holy mother Wintour has her ultimate reason for the cover. I think she is just brilliant, see how the world almost has a war (fashion critics) because of it. Back to what I am doing now. I am running away, for a while and in more good meaning of running away. On vacation, baby!

I am landed in Bali. Arrived safe and well, except the luggage. Don’t they dare to lose my fresh and new Samsonite suitcase. Thanks God. It was in Singapore, never had this trouble before. So, I stood there in front of the Westin Nusa Dua Resort lobby, sweaty in Ann Demeulemeester tanktop and Zara jacket on top of it with that fake leather trousers as my bottom, I am obsessed with this trousers. Too heavy high-top sneakers for this warm weather encapsulated my feet, swollen feet from 14 hours flight. It is so warm that I just want to get rid of everything I wore and just ignore the rules of looking decent. Not to forget to mention my after-flight face, just imagine the moon. Yes the moon, not the one you see it from here, yellow, bright and beautiful. The moon surface, pores, dryness and worse is that I am having an acne-war again on the only face I got. What about my huge dark bags under my eyes and wild wake-up hairdo. This why I always have my caps with me and sunglasses! I need some beauty treatments, express delivery please.

The day turned out good, shopping, eating and walking around. Nice warm and sunny weather. Let’s close today with amazing pictures I photographed on 2010. I am out for a good night sleep on a heavenly bed.


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