Even though it was not my first time visiting the Tanjung Benoa or the neighbourhood of Nusa Dua, it was my first time at Tijili Benoa Hotel in Bali. When I read that the Tijili Benoa Hotel is a beachfront property, I assumed that this must be good. And guess what, it is! Two top rules from choosing a hotel in an island are having a rooftop pool or a beachfront property. Guess what? The Tijili Benoa Hotel has both of them.

tijili-benoa-christian-gertsen_1086 MY FIRST TIME AT TIJILI BENOA HOTEL (HONEST REVIEW) TRAVEL

Before I go further into details on my stay at the Tijili Benoa Hotel, I love to make it clear that I always write an honest review. I often got sponsored to stay in hotels and resorts to create beautiful images and write about my experience. People around me always assumed that because it is a sponsored trip, I must write only the good things about a hotel. Well, of course, I will highlight the best features, but I will also mention several points of improvements when I find those during my stay. Because I always believe that honest feedback is the best way to grow the business.

Tijili Benoa Hotel , Bali

Jl. Pratama No.62, Tj. Benoa, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
+62 361 4728900

Instagram : @tijilibenoa @warungbamboobenoa

tijili-benoa-christian-gertsen_1097 MY FIRST TIME AT TIJILI BENOA HOTEL (HONEST REVIEW) TRAVEL

The Location of Tijili Benoa Hotel

Tijili Benoa Hotel is located on the Pratama street on Tanjung Benoa just next to the Nusa Dua area which is one of my favourite beaches in Bali. The hotel is a beachfront property which means that you do not need to travel outside the property to visit the beach. The next best thing is that you can find water sports activities directly on the beach. The hotel is also not far away from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. Probably it will take around 15-20 minutes with a taxi.

The Room

The Deluxe Terrace Room has 29 square meters which are enough space for two including a balcony overlooking the inside garden of the hotel or the central pool. Similar to other Tijili Hotel rooms, this room styled with unique, sculptured furnishings and handmade decor which is very artistic. Complimentary WiFi is always included.

tijili-benoa-christian-gertsen_1068 MY FIRST TIME AT TIJILI BENOA HOTEL (HONEST REVIEW) TRAVEL

tijili-benoa-christian-gertsen_1060 MY FIRST TIME AT TIJILI BENOA HOTEL (HONEST REVIEW) TRAVEL

tijili-benoa-christian-gertsen_1069 MY FIRST TIME AT TIJILI BENOA HOTEL (HONEST REVIEW) TRAVEL

I wish I had the Ocean view room, but it was fully booked.

The Ambience

Tijili Benoa Hotel has those beach club fancy ambience. The design of the hotel is filled with original design components and artwork which most of them are handmade. You will find fun art on the wall using an artificial grass reflecting the spirit of the “Tijili”.

The Pool & Gym of Tijili Benoa Hotel

The hotel has three pools. The main pool is located just before the Warung Bamboo and the beach. Laying directly next to the main pool is the kid’s pool. So it is easy for the parents to pay attention to their children while enjoying the sun and pool themselves. The third pool is located on the rooftop which provides more intimacy, fantastic view and a pool bar.

tijili-benoa-christian-gertsen_1093 MY FIRST TIME AT TIJILI BENOA HOTEL (HONEST REVIEW) TRAVEL

tijili-benoa-christian-gertsen_1101 MY FIRST TIME AT TIJILI BENOA HOTEL (HONEST REVIEW) TRAVEL

The Amenities

The amenities of the room are great. After visiting the Tijili Hotel Seminyak, I am expected the same level or maybe even better of standard amenities from the beachfront hotel of Tijili’s. A spa level amenities for example. For me, the top three crucial point from a hotel is the standard amenities, which came after the room and the pool. But yet again it is a small detail.

The Restaurants

There are two restaurants at the properties, and the first one is the Kakatua Restaurant. I did not visit this restaurant yet, but I am sure the quality will be okay. The second restaurant is the beachfront Warung Bamboo which I visited every morning for the breakfast and my work-lunch. The breakfast was always pleasant and rich of selection. The best thing is the coffee which I also got in the afternoon. The view from the restaurant is traveller’s favourite.

tijili-benoa-christian-gertsen_1081 MY FIRST TIME AT TIJILI BENOA HOTEL (HONEST REVIEW) TRAVEL

tijili-benoa-christian-gertsen_1077 MY FIRST TIME AT TIJILI BENOA HOTEL (HONEST REVIEW) TRAVEL

tijili-benoa-christian-gertsen_1088 MY FIRST TIME AT TIJILI BENOA HOTEL (HONEST REVIEW) TRAVEL

tijili-benoa-christian-gertsen_1078 MY FIRST TIME AT TIJILI BENOA HOTEL (HONEST REVIEW) TRAVEL

The Water Sports

Just right on the side of the beach, you can find the Tanjung Benoa Water Sport where you can hire a different kind of water sports such as Jet Ski, Parasailing, Seawalker and Flying Fish. Luckily, you still can enjoy swimming in the calm sea.

“Tijili” refers to a traditional Balinese motif that represents the rice goddess – Dewi Sri; a symbol of prosperity and fertility. Tijili’s motif often used for a social occasion in Balinese ceremonial and made from palm leaves, clay, janur and rice cakes. This motif has been reinterpreted in a modern form as it reflects the dynamic and creative culture of Seminyak; places where influenced by the traditional Balinese culture and modern ideas produce something fresh and different.”