In the post “Wearing the DStaq Denim by G-Star RAW, I want to show you how I styled the G-Star RAW jeans.

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Topman Design sporty jacket |
G-Star RAW DStaq jeans |
Dr. Martens boots | similar here on Asos

A couple months ago, I was asked by amazing people at G-Star RAW to style the DStaq denim trousers for my Instagram. At the photoshoot, the Dstaq denim trousers were styled three times to create three different looks which at the end only one look will be posted on my Instagram @christiangertsen account.

A little story about the company: Since 1989, G-Star’s philosophy has always been, ‘Just the Product.’ This single-minded approach has led to many denim ‘firsts’: the introduction of ‘luxury denim for the streets,’ by fusing high-level craftsmanship with street level edge to create a new denim sector; the positioning of raw, untreated denim as a wearable and desirable material; and the evolution of our distinctive denim silhouette, through the adoption of architectural and 3-D thinking into denim construction. source: company website.

How to reuse your old denim

Denim is a great material to reuse for different fun crafts. If you’re interested in finding some great things to make out of your old denim, this article will share some ideas.

One of the easiest ways to recreate your old denim is by creating a new look to your jeans. By tearing your jeans, you can create a popular style without having to buy new jeans. Tearing apart the jeans is much better than cutting then. Tearing your jeans will create fringes that are adorable.

To begin this project, take your old jeans and place them on a hard and flat surface. Then you’ll need to slice a slit in the jeans, but don’t make it any wider than ½ inch. Once you have the slit, tear the jeans vertically in one quick motion. They’ll look great if you do this properly, so you may want to consider practicing on another old pair first.

Denim is very popular as part of a linen set. I’ve seen denim comforters, pillow cases and more. In order to create a pillow case, find an old denim shirt. This can be a bit of a challenge, but if you’re an educated sewer, you’ll have no problem.

To begin making your pillow case, cut your denim into strips that are 1.25 x 14 inches. You should cut somewhere between 5 and 9 of them. Take a piece of chalk to mark the denim strips. This will indicate where to attach the strips. Proceed by sewing down the middle of the denim strips and use an awl to push the denim to the side. This will help create pleats in the denim. Most needles can’t handle the denim, so be sure to find the right needle specific for denim. You’ll need to sew two more rows down the sides, with only 1/8 inch seam. Make sure the strips are flat.

Floral brooches are another fun thing to make out of your old denim. Brooches can be used on a variety of different things as decorations. They can be added to a bag or even to a dress.

Denim brooches are best when they’re made out of jeans, but denim shirts can do the job. You’ll need 1.5 inches in width from your denim and the length should be close to the length of your jeans. If you’re using an old shirt, you can use the sleeve. Then begin sewing two rows of stitches right on the edges of the denim strip. The rows should be sewn approximately 1/8 inch from each other. In order to create the floral design (or whatever you choose to make), you’ll need to hand sew for this. Once you’ve created your design, you’ll need to add a pin to the back.

There are many funs way to get creative with your old denim and reuse it for fun little crafts. This is a great hobby as it’s affordable and fun! Good luck with whatever you choose to make from your old denim!

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